The Story

Since I got my first laser engrave, I always wanted to engrave tumblers so I knew I needed a rotary attachment. But I soon discovered that my options are limited. These devices were either super expensive, some selling close to $1K or just poorly made.  Those that were less expensive, had absolutely no indication of if they work with my laser machine at all or how would I connect and configure them.  There was zero instructions and zero communication with manufacturer.

Frustrated I set out to design a rotary attachment that can engrave anything I throw at it, and will also not cost me arm and leg. After few months I finally came up with very functional design that’s easy to manufacture in my shop, durable and can be adopted to a range of object and run on many different laser engravers.

The Design

Designed from scratch, PiBurn utilizes V-slot rail system, something that’s frequently found on 3D printers.  V-rollers allow for effortless movements in both horizontal and vertical axes, allowing to adjust rotary to fit huge variety of objects.  Wine glasses, tumblers, drumsticks, mugs and more can be securely installed on the rollers.

Integrated head clamp holds hollow objects in place, preventing slippage of heavier items. Clamp can be rotated out of way if needed, for example to accommodate bottles.

Stepper motor is the most expensive and integral part of the rotary attachment and we spent some time testing motors from several manufacturers. What we found was that cheaper ones, while providing sufficient torque, quickly overheated to dangerous levels.  For our final design industrial extra low heat steppers produced by Leadshine (a leader in motor manufacturer for laser machines) were chosen.

Rollers that rotate the object had to be designed and position in most optimized way so they can support almost any size object, from huge 30 oz tumblers to skinny pens.

Compatibility and Support

Probably the most common question you may ask is how will PiBurn work with my laser machine?

There’s not a single rotary attachment on the market that can guarantee you that it will work any laser engraver out there.  Most Laser machine manufacturers will offer an attachment that works ONLY with their machine.  Goal of PiBurn is to be compatible with as many machines as possible.

While we could not possible have access to every single laser engraver in the world we can say with confidence that it will work with most Ruida controller based machines.  PiBurn has been tested with Boss Laser machines as well as so called “50 Watt Chinese Laser” array of machines.  So if you have a Boss Laser or something like SH-G350 or  “Red Sail” lasers, you are all set!

For everyone else, we are willing to work with you on identifying and customizing PiBurn rotary attachment to work with your laser engraver.

Available space inside your laser machine is something to keep in mind.  If PiBurn and engraving object cannot physically fit, it will not work for you.  Please make sure you have enough clearance between bottom of your bed and focal point of your laser. You will need about 4 inches plus diameter of your desired object like cup or tumbler.

Most important is that you need to know what kind of stepper motor is supported by your stepper driver, so we can ship you correct one. It’s either 2-phase or 3-phase. Boss Lasers for example use 3-phase steppers, and cheap Chinese lasers use 2-phase. Detailed video guide on how to identify your stepper driver will be provided as part of survey at the end of campaign!

A manual and user configuration guide will of course be provided as well. It will explain everything you need to know and how to setup PiBurn with your laser (i.e. things like circle pulses, diameter, etc.) as well as guide with useful settings for various engraving materials.

Still feeling confused?  Don’t worry, we’ll be here to provide support and to answer any questions.