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Here you can download PDF manual, quick assembly guide or watch Tutorial Videos. Please choose correct version of your PiBurn.

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PiBurn V2.0

PiBurn V1 (no longer updated)

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How to position PiBurn inside your laser


Do different size objects need different settings for rotary?

Frequently Asked Questions

Dimensions. Will it fit?2019-12-18T16:04:11+00:00


PiBurn currently comes in three sizes lengthwise.  Standard is 562 mm (22.13 in) including motor. Shortened one is 494 (19.45 in) including motor.  Mini is 40 0mm (15.75″). Great thing about PiBurn is that it can be easily cut to required size because it’s base is made out of aluminium extrusion beam that can be easily cut with any saw.

If you choosing length for Boss Laser, use following lengths:

  • For LS1416 choose Mini
  • For LS1420 – Shortened
  • For LS1620 and above choose Standard

Maximum height of Piburn is 148 mm (5.83 inches) with feet or 127 mm (5 inches) without feet

What kind of plug I need?2019-07-16T19:18:04+00:00

When ordering PiBurn you will be asked to choose correct plug wiring. All plugs provided with PiBurn are “aviator type” like seen on the image below.

Socket (on the left) is already installed on your laser machine. Plug (on the right) is what comes with PiBurn.

Because it’s impossible for us to wire our rotary attachment for any possible Laser machine manufacturer, we might need your help to provide us correct wiring option.

Here’s explanation of the currently offered plug configurations:

  • Boss:
    This one will work with Boss Laser machines. So if you have one of these laser cutters, you are all set!
  • Generic Chinese:
    This type of plug was tested with no-name 50W Blue and White Chinese laser from eBay. There’s no 100% guarantee that your machine will be wired the same, but it’s a pretty good bet.
  • Custom:
    We will wire plug for you if you can provide a wiring schematic or send a note with your order about how your socket is wired (each connector is labeled 1 thru 4). If you do not have documentation with wiring diagram, it’s pretty easy to find out how your Y axis plug is wired into stepper driver (i.e. which wire goes to what terminal). For 3-phase driver you’ll need to find out which wire goes to “V”, “U” and “W” marked terminals on Stepper Driver. For 2-phase, trace it to “A+”, “A-“, “B+”, “B-” terminals.
  • Disconnected:
    If you wish to solder wires yourself, choose this option. Will will include a 4 pin plug  but it will not be soldered to the motor wires.  You will need to know how to solder and have soldering iron for this option, however soldering these plugs is very easy even for a beginner.
    Here’s Wire Color designation:

    • 2-Phase:
      • A+  BLACK
      • A- GREEN
      • B+ RED
      • B- BLUE
    • 3-Phase:
      • W: BLACK
      • U: GREEN
      • V: BLUE

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that plug can be replaced and even changed with an adapter that we plan to offer to those customer who need it. We’ve already designed an adapter and testing it out. It will allow you to quickly connect plug that’s not correctly wired for your machine, or even swap PiBurn between different laser engravers!



What kind of motor do I need?2019-03-05T22:22:17+00:00

PiBurn uses Stepper Motors in Nema 23 sizes. These come in 2 phase and 3 phase types.

It’s very important to know type your laser machine can use. This should be same motor as one that drives your Y gantry.

Laser Manufacturer

If you own a Boss Laser machine, look at your machine model.  All laser models LS-16xx and above use 3-phase motor. Anything below that (like LS-1420) is 2-phase.

Existing Motor Size

Now if you have different laser, easiest way to tell if by looking at your Y axis motor.

All motors sizes less than Nema 23 are 2 phase. Nema 23 motor’s front is 2.3″x2.3″ (or 57mm x 57mm). So if yours is smaller you have 2-phase motor. Otherwise continue identification process…

Check for any labels on the motor that might tell it’s model number. Then search online to see if you can find out motor specs and how many phases it is.  No luck? Let’s take a look at

Number of wires on connector

Trace cable that’s coming of your Y axis motor to the plug. Check plug or socket (you might have to look from inside of the machine) to see how many wires it has.  3-phase stepper motor usually have 3 wires, sometimes 6.  2-phase will have 4 wires.  Still can’t tell?

Check Stepper Driver

Each stepper motor in your laser is connected to it’s own stepper driver. It should look something like on the picture above.

There are 2 ways to tell if it’s 2-phase driver or 3-phase. If you can clearly see model number, search online and read it’s description.

Alternatively take a look at “High Voltage” terminal block. If it has marking “U V W”, it’s a 3 phase driver and you’ll need 3-phase motor.

If it has markings like “A+ A- B+ B-“, it’s a 2-phase driver and you’ll need 2 phase motor!