PiBurn 2.0 is here!

We've been working hard on incorporating new features and vigorously testing new design for about a month and now it's here. Announcing brand new Piburn V2.0 - an improved rotary attachment that's even more versatile and reliable than before! What’s new in 2.0 In version 2.0 PiBurn has seen a major redesign. During first year [...]

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Making new batch of PiBurns

Move to new house/office has been hard, but we are now ready to resume production.  Most boxes are unpacked, equipment is calibrated and assembly has began. There are many steps involved in producing a PiBurn. 3D printing plastic parts is currently done mostly on Prusa i3 MK2.5 printer. It produces a reliable, strong and nicely [...]

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Introducing PiBurn DUO

https://youtu.be/suISI3XJ68I Here's something new we've been working on. PiBurn Duo is rotary attachment that can accommodate engraving of two objects at the same time.  This could save you setup time if you are doing a lot of cups or tumblers. We are still finalizing the design and pricing, but it's already been proven to work!  [...]

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Longest Rotary Attachment?

Call World Guiness Records, I think we've created largest laser rotary attachment in history! :) Measuring at 41" long this PiBurn has some heft to it. Made as a special order for a customer, this bad boy needs a big laser engraver to match.  What will it be used for? We are not sure... Maybe [...]

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Kickstarter Launch Result

As you might know PiBurn launched on Kickstarter on Januar 29th, 2019. We had 36 backers but unfortunately reached only 36% of our goal. Despite this setback we decided to still go thru with PiBurn launch and make these great rotary attachments for all backers who still want them.  Our online store will be opening [...]

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Hello world!

Piburn.info website is officially launched today! There's still some film that needs to be peeled off, furniture moved, and paint not dry on our virtual walls, but it's coming along nice and fast!   Paint photo created by welcomia - www.freepik.com

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