Our clients love the PiBurn Rotary attachment for laser machines. Some say they have engraved over 1,000 cups with it. But the real reason people love it and the one we hear most often from our customers is the amazing versatility of the tool and the flexibility PiBurn affords them when engraving on all sorts of drinkware.

Still, we always strive to make the PiBurn even better. If you can drink from it, you should be able to engrave it with PiBurn! We want to empower our customers to work with any and all drinkware.

This is why we are constantly innovating and adding new features that make the PiBurn even more capable.

Today, we are happy to announce the addition of our “no clamp” adapter. 

Wait, what? 

Let us explain.

Our clamp is normally used to increase the friction between the vessel and the rotary wheels and has an adjustable Front End Stopper that prevents the cup, glass, or tumbler from shifting or “walking” forward during engraving.

However, there are situations when you either don’t need a clamp (when engraving well balanced drinkware without handles) or the clamp can’t be used (when engraving bottles or other objects that need to be placed bottom towards the motor).

This handy adapter lets you use your existing front end stop without the clamp! 

Just remove your clamp using the thumb screw, and take off the front end stop by loosing M3x10mm screw with the 2.5mm hex key, supplied with your PiBurn. Install the front end stop to the “no clamp” adapter as shown below and attach it to the “headboard”, just like you would attach the clamp.

We are happy to announce that this adapter is now included with all new PiBurns shipped after January 11th, 2021.

If you got your Piburn before that date, you can purchase a “no clamp” adapter for a low price, or if you have a 3D printer, you can just print one yourself for FREE! (you will still need to obtain M4 and M3 Hex Nut)

Here’re links to STL files:

As always, we love hearing from our customers. If you have feedback, questions, or ideas to make the PiBurn even more versatile, please reach out to us, we want to hear from you!