Can PiBurn engrave something as large and heavy as full size baseball bat? Correct!
Of course you need to have machine that can physically fit bat. Fortunately our Boss LS1630 was just barely big for the task.
I made a very long version of PiBurn first, but it didn’t fit (although it would fit in larger machine), fortunately regular PiBurn 2.0 has absolute no issues with engraving.

And just to be on the safe side, we designed special “Mega” clamp for the task!

Rotary handled bat very well. Rear “footobard” held it’s height despite great weight, and I haven’t detected any noticeable slippage even at higher “framing” speeds.

One thing to note is that it’s not possible to engrave very top of the bat due to clamp being there. Laser head moves a little further when it “swings” to accommodate for deceleration. This distance was about an inch in this case (it would depend on engraving speed).  Settings for engraving that were used on our 60W machine were: 300 mm/s, 30% power and 0.9 mm gap. I think power can be probably increased to about 35% to deeper engraving, but it still came out great!
Watch the whole video below!