We’ve been working hard on incorporating new features and vigorously testing new design for about a month and now it’s here.

Announcing brand new Piburn V2.0 – an improved rotary attachment that’s even more versatile and reliable than before!

What’s new in 2.0

In version 2.0 PiBurn has seen a major redesign. During first year that our rotary has been on the market we have received valuable feedback from our customers.  Based on this feedback and our own ideas we made following improvements to the original 1.0 version. These include:

  • Larger diameter front rollers with greater distance between them. This creates better holding of the engraving objects and prevents tipping of some very unbalanced items like mugs with very large and heavy handles.
  • Clamp has been completely redesigned.
    • It’s now larger and stronger, providing over 1.5 lb of holding force
    • Clamp wheel now holds two o-ring for better grip
    • Additional thumb screw now allows to add maximum holding force to the object when spring tension is not sufficient. (works great for unbalanced mugs and very heavy objects).
    • Clamp is now very easy to attach and remove
    • Adjustable front end stopper is now integrated into the clamp.
  • Rear roller distance has been increased for added stability
  • Rear “footboard” has been redesigned to allow for very long objects to extend past its end.
  • Removable Rear End Stopper has been redesigned as well and it now allows to be extended if needed to accommodate some mugs that have handle very close to the bottom.
  • PiBurn now comes with versatile feet that can be adjusted for any surface and also allow rotary attachment to be easily placed below knife table to accommodate very tall objects.
    Feet have non-slip bottom surface that helps to hold rotary in place and rear foot also has very strong rear earth neodymium magnet that provides even more gripping power.
    We plan to offer interchangeable feet attachments as upgrade in near future.

Upgrade options

We plan to add an upgrade kit to our online shop very soon which will allow you to upgrade your Piburn v1.0 to V2.0 without  too much hassle.  Two options will be offered:

  • A cheaper DIY upgrade kit will include all parts needed to do upgrade yourself
  • A full upgrade service, where you will ship parts of your PiBurn to us and we do all the work

See it in action.

Here’s a video of PiBurn 2.0 handling a very large beer mug weighting over 2.6lb with ease.

PiBurn 2.0 is available for order right now, get yours today at our online store!