We are full steam ahead building first batch of PiBurn rotaries this week!  We even began shipping, however right away we discovered an issue with shipping damage.

Due to it’s design, PiBurn’s motor and other heavy components attached to main rail via thick acrylic piece. While this is absolutely strong enough for day to day use, if dropped there’s a big chance of acrylic cracking.  This is what seems to be happening with shipping.

Due to this we going to ship PiBurn partially disassembled.  But please don’t worry, it’s super easy to put it back together with just 2 screws!  We’ll include a detailed instructions on necessary steps.

Basically you’ll only need to slide in rear carriage on the main rail, and then attach front piece with 2 Phillips head screws. Then you will align back and front rollers/wheels and tighten two screws. That’s all there’s to it!

And of course if there’s any shipping damage please contact us right away and we’ll either repair or send you replacement part promptly.