We’ve received first small batch of orders and currently working hard to fulfill them. Although most of them didn’t come from our Kickstarter backers, we are very thankful to all customers who made pre-orders and patiently waiting.

In this update I would like to highlight some recent improvements we made to PiBurn design.

One small improvement was made to the rollers by increasing their diameter by 6%.  This forces rubber O-rings to stretch more and reduce change of slipping on the wheels.

Integrated Rotary Clamp went thru some last minute modifications:

  • Main wheel of the clamp got big increase in both diameter and width to accommodate larger rubber O-ring.  Larger grip surface means better hold on the engraving object and decreases chance of slipping for heavy objects.
  • Spring grooves were added to hold spring in place which also increased it’s force on the clamp, improving it’s holding ability.
  • Clamp hinges needed to be reinforced to accommodate stronger spring.

Current Build Status

  • Documentation (instructions manual and guide) are 80% completed
  • All parts have been ordered and most of them already received
  • We are still waiting to receive motors, it’s shipment has been delayed due to manufacturer. Expecting arrive next week.
  • 3D printed parts are currently being manufactured/printed on our 3D printer farm after final revisions (see improvements update above) were made.
  • Shipping boxes evaluated, ordered and received.
  • All aluminium extrusions cut to length, about to start thread tapping.

Overall everything is moving according to plan and we are currently on schedule to begin shipping 3-4th week of April!