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Take it to the next level

Engrave cylindrical objects with ease

PiBurn is a roller style rotary attachment for laser engraver and cutter machines. The innovative PiBurn rotary allows you to engrave cylindrical objects such as cups, tumblers, glasses, bottles, and champagne flutes with ease and precision.

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Great Compatibility and versatility

PiBurn will work with most, if not all, Ruida controller based laser machines. It’s configured out of the box to work with Boss Lasers and 50W eBay laser machines. It can be easily adopted for other machines compatible with rotaries.
PiBurn gives you the flexibility to engrave various types, shapes, and sizes of cylindrical objects (even delicate flutes and shot glasses!)

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Adjustable and Dependable

PiBurn is adjustable and allows you to fixate your object perfectly.
The rollers can be moved horizontally to accommodate for longer or shorter cups.
Raise or lower them to fit glasses that taper towards the bottom. Think Champagne flutes!

The innovative integrated clamp holds the object firmly yet safely in place preventing slippage. The clamp moves out of the way when not needed.

Quality Components

We use the highest quality stepper motors that do not overheat and allow you to engrave tumblers for your customers all day long! Don’t be fooled by cheaper units that use low quality components – they may not keep up with your customer orders.

Support When You Need It

We won’t leave you hanging. Just drop us a line when you need help and we’ll do everything we can to assist you in resolving your problem.

Documentation and Tutorials

Head over to the Support page to download latest docs, guides and view helpful Tutorial Videos. We’ll even show you tips and techniques on how to engrave on various objects, what settings to use, and helpful insights for laser engraving.

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Custom Orders Available

Being a hand made item, availability is limited!

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Handmade in the USA

All PiBurn units are hand-built in small batches in New Jersey, USA

Worldwide Shipping

We’ll ship PiBurn to you!

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